Pricing Campaign Number 3 with our new PosBill EPOS software version – Daily Menu

Pricing Campaign Number 3 with our new PosBill EPOS software version

Create your own daily menus – now also on your EPOS system

Do you offer your guests every day a daily menu? – Then let us show you how easy it will be in the future to take your customer’s order.

Step 1: Set up pricing campaign and edit it:

Enter a pricing campaign with the name “Daily menu”

Enter a pricing campaign with the name “Daily menu”

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Pricing campaigns in your EPOS software – Part 2: 3 for the price of 2

Pricing campaign –  Part 2: 3 for the price of 2

The newest version of our EPOS software, Version 15 offers a variety of new features that enable you to effectively use pricing campaigns in your business:

Overview of pricing campaigns

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EPOS software – 7 new highlights – Part 1: Price scale

Price scale – PosBill EPOS Software

With PosBill we have developed a EPOS software that adapts optimally to the special requirements of the many different retail branches and the hospitality industry. PosBill’s reliable EPOS systems are very popular in retail stores and restaurants. Our new version offers a wide range of new features that reduce your employees’ workload, save you valuable time and help prevent errors. In the PosBill EPOS software particular emphasis has been given to the improvement of functions dealing with the automatic calculation of different types of pricing campaigns:

Overview of pricing campaigns:


Overview of pricing camapins – POS Software

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EPOS Multi-Lingual, English, French & Spanish in one Software

Multi Language Capabilities in One EPOS Software

Can your EPOS do this.

How convenient would it be if you had several languages at your fingertips, in one software.
No need to buy separate packages for each language.

PosBill has a multi-language software at your fingertips.

If you are in a region that is bilingual, or a resort area you can cater to your customers, and also your staff have the option of operating the EPOS station in their language. This could cut back on errors, and personalize the experience for your users and clients.

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Sales Reports on a EPOS System

Manage your Sales Reports from your Point of Sale Software

See how to easily retrieve and track your sales and business activities.

For every restaurateur or retailer, it is important to know which items are selling through and which are not. This can help you plan and forecast future inventories, menu idea’s and plan events around seasonal items.

See how PosBill EPOS system can help you maximize your bottom line, by helping you achieve a profitable product mix.
For your sales statistics , simply start the PosBill back office and click on Lists / Layouts tab. On the pull down list you have several options of statistics and reports you can choose from.

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EPOS Cloud Frequently Asked Questions

What is a EPOS Cloud.

Is it just a trend? To cloud or not to cloud that is the question.

Sometimes a trendy alternative like a “Hip Checkout” does not always add up.

Once again this has showed up in a recent telephone conversation with a customer.
It involves the use of EPOS Software and EPOS systems in the Hospitality industry and Retail trade.
Many believe the promises of the hip trends within the EPOS industry, with an up-to-date feel with cloud-based EPOS Apps.
The following interview shows the everyday challenges with such a hip and trendy EPOS system.

“I ‘m not always there, but still need current sales data. So far, we have access through the cloud, but if the Internet connection goes down, nothing works. How do you solve the case PosBill?”

Cloud image

Don’t loose your head in a cloud

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EPOS Custom Features for Table Layouts

Custom Table Plan at EPOS – A real value added feature for restaurants.

Give your EPOS a custom and professional look. Very easy to use with PosBill software.

Hello Everyone:

Today I want to show you another great feature for the front of house with PosBill.

EPOS Custom Table Layout.

This function of a custom table plan designed for your checkout, continues to be a popular feature. We thought you may be interested in our current blog, keeping you up to date on this feature in the PosBill Pos software version 14.

Let’s go.

3 Easy Steps for Pricing Campaigns

3 Easy Steps to an Effective Promotional Pricing Campaign.

Increase your sales with new pricing functions of PosBill software.
What is possible for your business. See how the many benefits can convince you!

Possible with PosBill Thumbs Up

Giving you more flexibility with your pricing

We are happy to present some newer pricing features


EPOS Discounts at Your TouchScreen

Point of Sale Discounts at Your Fingertips

Make your customers happy and apply discounts easily.

It is easy with software from PosBill, and possible to offer a variety of discounts and promotions with a touch at your point of sales station.

Customer Loyalty = Excellent Service + Quality Product + Price Promotions

Satisfied customers and repeat business with PosBill software

Satisfied customers and repeat business with PosBill software

How can you make your customers happy. PosBill Software can help.

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